Friday, 25 January 2013

Flower Power

Hy my dears  J

Oscar De La Renta
Spring is near and all we can think about is strong colors and flowers, fabulous dresses, skirts, shirts and  accessories full of them.

This season’s they going to be wonderful, not just in garden-variety prints but also in 3D. Imagine Sixties-style daisies, meadow poppies and luscious roses. 

Bottega Veneta

Look to this dress by Bottega Veneta in nude color, where the flowers give a nice touch of kindness and simplicity. 
A dress that for sure can not go unnoticed.


This dresses by Valentino has a touch of glamour and you can see in the left dress the 3D flowers, looking like they're coming out from the dress, a touch that give it elegance. 
A type of dresses to wear in a gala.

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If this kind of texture feel overwhelming on your clothes, look to accessories instead, bags, shoes, bracelets, rings and others.



Valentino                                               Alexander McQueen                                    Chloe

Oscar De La Renta

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