Tuesday, 27 November 2012

«««« Christmas Spirit »»»»

Hello my Dears, sorry for posting just today because I didn't had time to post yesterday! But it's here today and I hope you'd like it :)

December is coming and with him come's Christmas, a Lovely season of happiness and union! :)
I specially like this season because of the streets, full of Christmas lights, Christmas songs in the streets and the spirit, I just love it :)
So, when this time time comes you start thinking how you go to decorate your home, what kind of colors you want (green, red, blue, white, black, pink, violet, etc), what kind of tree do you want (real, fake, big, small).
For this kind of questions it's never too much a little help, for this reason I decide to do some post about this subject. 

Today's post is about Christmas decoration, the next's one's gonna be about what to bake and what do dress in this season so miss next's post's as well.

The trees above show the colors you can use to decorate your room, but the rest of the decoration don't need to be the same color, the best is have a lot of colors. 
For me the traditional is the green one but there's a lot of people using black or white in our days.

And what about the others decorations?

There's persons that just like having the tree and nothing more but, there's others that work a lot to decorate de house. Next I will show some examples....

What if you have fireplace? 

As you can see you can chose something simple or something more elaborate. I even chose a decoration with a white tree so you can see the difference, and it's beautiful as well :) It's softer!
You can put some socks on top of the fireplace, just to remember the old times, or opt for something innovator.

To decorate the tree you can use a lot of things, you can buy or do yourself......

If you want to do at home... 

Or if you don't want to have any work....

You have also more colorful choices :)

Hope you enjoy it and stay tune for the next post ;)  

Vânia Gonçalves ^

Monday, 19 November 2012

«««« Stiletto Nails »»»»

Hello again my dears :)

Today I'm gonna talk about the nails of the moment, Stiletto Nails, they are amazing and they've been loved by everyone! 
This style of nails has years, you could see in yours grandmother hands, but for shore you thought that you never would use that style!
Well you were wrong, here there are, stunning, shining and waiting for your hands!

This tipe of nails start to show more her face in the past few months :) It start appearing not in the models or catwalks but in our superstars! The First one was the monster Lady Gaga, followed by Lana del Rey,  but then we star seeing in more famous hands like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Jessie J and others.

Engage yourself in this style of nails, beautiful, different and amazing :)
If you still want now more about them, how the manicure do it, go to this channel and see how they make this wonderful nails; 


But, of course, not everything is a bed of roses, besides being beautiful they are far from practical, sometimes a simple task like phones keyboards, put a simple necklace or earrings can be a nightmare. But if you like more than anything you will made it!! 

Just love fashion and love life :)

Hope you enjoy it and stay tune for more news!! *

Vânia Gonçalves ^

Monday, 12 November 2012

«««« Tiger, Tiger.... »»»»

Tiger is in charge this year, or better in our lives :)

We can see tiger pieces every season, everywhere, in every body!

BOUCHERON Diamond, Black Sapphire
and Emerald ring.
Tigers have roamed and ruled for centuries, from the wilds of Siberia to the Sumatran mangroves, their blazing markings igniting admiration and fear. But, this season, show your allegiance to this magnificent beast by tracking it down on necklaces and clutch bags at Lanvin, or go full animal with Boucheron's diamond and black-sapphire ring. 

The big cat stalks across the big screen in Yann Martel's Booker-winning Life of Pi (released on December 21), in which Rafe Spall retells the moving story of a young boy stranted at sea with a Bengal tiger.

Embark on your own odyssey in the Indian jungle made famous in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book

Tiger Balm at Boots

Hunt down some big-cat-themed pieces this winter- they'll have you purring with delight!! 

Don't be afraid to wear Tiger....

Even J.Lo don't let the opportunity go away :) 

Hope you enjoy it and stay tune for more news!! *

Vânia Gonçalves ^

Monday, 5 November 2012

»»»» The Vogue's Top 10 Online Stores ««««

Hello my Dears,

Today I'll share with you Vogue's top 10 online stores. This stores have everything, vintage couture, 
mid-century furniture, your own personal stylist, and much more. It's all about knowing where to look!

So, with a little help where it is, the Top 10:

10º - LN-CC.COM = It's hard to tear ourselves away from this Dalston store that stocks everything from Junya Watanabe to JW Anderson to Givenchy, but its online site is a feast.

- LAGARCONNE.COM = This is for the girls out there who just wilt at the sight of those boyish French cuts, bateau necks and gamine styles that all look so desirable here.

- FARFETCH.COM = With a tagline of "shop the world's best boutiques" and projects such as a Brazilian popup shop, Farfetch.com feeds a hunger for diversity. This autumn, Browns, the Webster (in Miami Beach), and footwear boutique Coccodrillo in Antwerp will join.

- EDITION01.COM = From the exclusive capsule collection of Tracy Anderson leggings designed to match your body type to the comprehensive survey of styles, this syte come alive thanks to a great Twitter feed and blogs from the best of fashion hand - Coco Rocha's seasonal tips, for example, such as the latest hotel in St Tropez (Hotel Sezz, of course).

- CLICKINI.COM = The best bikinis at every price - with such a sensible, straightforward formula, no wonder our winter and summer sun departures always involve a trip here.

- ATTERLEYROAD.COM = With a focus on mid-range fashion, the site is a cherry-picked selection from the likes of Farhi, American Vintage, Jigsaw and French Sole.

- MOTILO.COM = Shopping with friends using Facebook is the big idea but, not obligatory. Watch out for the app and take your inner stylist to another level.

- MATCHESFASHION.COM = A website that truly reflects the store and its talented owners, and one incredible edit. The fine jewellery is particularly notable. 

- AVENUE32.COM = Brands that you don't see elsewhere, such as Hermione de Paula and Mother of Pearl. Designers have theirs own shopfronts, while videos and art projects add to the fun.

And in the Big first place....

NET-A-PORTER.COM = It is impossibly easy to lose a few hours perusing the entire store, not to mention its online magazine. Its customer-focused service bends over backwards for big and small spenders alike. Great for jewellery, too, which they color coordinate with outfits.

Did you enjoy it? What do you think about this Top 10? 

Share your opinion and stay tune for more news....  See you soon ;)

^ Vânia Gonçalves ^

»»»» Welcome to Winter Pinkk ««««

Hello my Dears,

Welcome to Winter PinKK Blog and I hope you like it :)

In this blog we will talk about Fashion & Fame. All about styles, designers, models, new looks, new stories and others subjects that will capt your attention.

Stay tune and comment so we can now your opinion and ideas...

Muaaahhhh see you!!

^ Vânia Gonçalves ^