Monday, 19 November 2012

«««« Stiletto Nails »»»»

Hello again my dears :)

Today I'm gonna talk about the nails of the moment, Stiletto Nails, they are amazing and they've been loved by everyone! 
This style of nails has years, you could see in yours grandmother hands, but for shore you thought that you never would use that style!
Well you were wrong, here there are, stunning, shining and waiting for your hands!

This tipe of nails start to show more her face in the past few months :) It start appearing not in the models or catwalks but in our superstars! The First one was the monster Lady Gaga, followed by Lana del Rey,  but then we star seeing in more famous hands like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Jessie J and others.

Engage yourself in this style of nails, beautiful, different and amazing :)
If you still want now more about them, how the manicure do it, go to this channel and see how they make this wonderful nails;

But, of course, not everything is a bed of roses, besides being beautiful they are far from practical, sometimes a simple task like phones keyboards, put a simple necklace or earrings can be a nightmare. But if you like more than anything you will made it!! 

Just love fashion and love life :)

Hope you enjoy it and stay tune for more news!! *

Vânia Gonçalves ^

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